2017 Festival Results

10th November (Vocal)
Boys and Girls - under 10yrs (B2): Darcey Conway (The Rush Cup)
Boys and Girls - under 13yrs (B3): Lara Gillham (The Constance Shacklock Cup)
Boys and Girls - under 16yrs (B4): Georgina Owen (The Mansfield Cup)
Musical - under 10yrs (B6a): Phoebe Bray (Festival Medal)
Musical - under 13yrs (B6b): Elif Akkemik (The Nancy Leigh Cup)
Musical - under 16yrs (B6c): Katherine Woodley
Folk Song - 19yrs and over (B19): Clare Young (The Newman Cup)
Musical - 19yrs and over (B25): Tim Praed (The Ryde Cup)
Pop/Jazz - Any age (B32): Tim Praed

13th November (Instrumental)
Strings - beginners - under 10yrs (D2a): Imogen Stokes-Ollett: (Festival Medal)
Strings - preliminary (D3): Emma Wicks
Strings - primary (D4): Kaitlin Hill: (Festival Medal)
Strings - junior (D5): Anna Son (The Hewlins Cup)
Strings - intermediate (D6): Maria Achim (The Acklima Cup)
Group Music Making - under 17yrs (E2): XY Strings Chamber Group (The Kingdon Cup)
School Orchestra - under 14yrs (E14): Cranmore School Orchestra (The Burch Cup)
School Band - under 14yrs (E17): Cranmore School Wind Band
Orchestras or bands from other organisations - open (E20): XY Strings
Brass - advanced (D22): Thomas McLean
Brass - senior (D23): Felix Rockhill (The Rotan Cup) - Outstanding
Strings - advanced (D7): Kate Ryan (The Mora Ker Quaich)
Strings - senior (D8): Nicola Yeung (The Readings Cup)

13th November (Piano)
Piano - intermediate (C15): Tristan Bögler (The Cheung Cup)
Piano - Grade 1 (C2): Elliot Gooding
Bach - under 13yrs (C21a): Tristan Bögler (The Oliver Atkins Cup)
Piano - Challenge - under 11yrs (C25): Elliot Cundy (The Lomax Cup)
Piano - Challenge - under 14yrs (C26): Tristan Bögler (The Barber Cup)
Piano - Grade 8 (C9): Tristan Bögler
Piano Duet - open (C37): Tristan Bögler and Isaac Seiken (The Primo Secondo Award)
Chopin - open (C22): Tristan Bögler (The Laredo Trophy)
Sonata - under 19yrs (C31): Tristan Bögler (The Hilda Spencer Cup)

14th November (Piano)
Bach - open (C21c): Diana Johns (The Surrey Music Store Trophy)
Modern - open (C23b): Pat Snazell
Piano Recital - open (C30d): Laura Roberts (The Cavenham Cup)
French Class - open (C45c): Christian Leslie
50yrs and over - open (C24): Pat Snazell
Piano - Challenge - open (C29): Laura Roberts (The Askew Bowl)

14th November (Choral)
School Choirs - under 9yrs (A1b): West Byfleet Junior School Lower School Choir (The Keswick Cup)
School Choirs - under 11yrs (A2): Greenfield School Chamber Choir (The Millennium Shield)
School Choirs - under 13yrs (A3): Cranmore School Chamber Choir (The Oakfield Shield and Grace Wright Memorial Rose Bowl)
School Choirs - under 15yrs (A4): Cobham International Festival Choir (The Swallow Shield)
Ladies’ Choirs - open (A14): Belles (The Radbone Cup)
Barbershop Choirs (A17): Surrey Fringe Chorus (The Merrow Chimes Shield)

17th November (Vocal)
Women’s Challenge (B12): Maria Kingbeck (The Byfleet Cup)
Men’s Challenge (B13): Tim Praed
French Art Song - 19yrs and over (B15): Maria Kingbeck
English Art Song - 19yrs and over (B17): Clare Young (The Borrell Cup)
Oratorio - 19yrs and over (B21):Maria Kingbeck  (The Timbury Cup)

18th November (Piano)
Piano - Grade 2 (C3): Leah Turvey (Festival Medal)
Piano - Grade 3 (C4): Tobi Adepoju (Festival Medal)
Piano - Grade 4 (C5): Miles Muller von Blumencron (Festival Medal)
Piano - beginners - under 8yrs (C10a): Len Komatsu (Festival Medal)
Piano - beginners - under 10yrs (C10b): Juliette Appel (Festival Medal)
Piano Duet - family, adult and child under 16yrs (C38a): Oliver and Mrs Debbie Gibson: (The Kirkman Cup - shared)
Piano Duet - family, under 16yrs (C38b): Callum and Angus Scott: (The Kirkman Cup - shared)
Christmas Class - any age (C41): Oliver Gibson
Piano - primary (C13): Sofia El Bachir (The Kathleen Grainger Cup)
Piano - junior (C14): Angus Scott (The Meredith Cup)
Piano - Grade 5 (C6): Rita Luzan (Festival Medal)
Piano - Grade 6 (C7): Stephan Dyakonov (Festival Medal)
Piano - Grade 7 (C8): Oliver Gibson
Piano - Challenge - under 17yrs (C27): Annie McChrystal (The Woking Opinion Cup)
Piano Recital - under 18yrs (C30b): Annie McChrystal (The Penny Bazire Memorial Cup)

20th November (Instrumental)
String Recital - under 14yrs (D11a): Imaan Kashim and Enpei Zhu
Guitar - advanced (D36): Imaan Kashim
Harp - intermediate (D47): Jamaal Kashim - Outstanding
Strings - unaccompanied Bach - open (D10): Imaan Kashim
Instrumental Duo - under 15yrs (E6b): Jamaal and Imaan Kashim - Outstanding
String Recital - under 17yrs (D11b): Sophie Kauer - Outstanding
Concerto - open (D53): Sophie Kauer (The Ackroyd Cup) - Outstanding
Sarah Etherington was also awarded an outstanding grade in this class
Sonata for stringed instrument and piano - open (D9): Sarah Etherington (The Karin Polak Cup) - Outstanding

21st November (Instrumental)
Family Group Music Making (E5): Theo and Jeanne Kalorkoti (The Burch Cup)
Instrumental Duo and Piano - under 13yrs (E8a): Imogen and Juliette Appel
Woodwind - intermediate (D16): Laurel-Grace Kitsell
Woodwind - advanced (D17): Lucy Reynolds
Recorder - under 12yrs (D26): Isabella Mackie (Festival Medal)
Percussion - solo/multiple - intermediate/advanced (D41): Theo Kalorkoti
Christmas - any age (D51): Laurel-Grace Kitsell
Humour - any age (D52): Theo and Jeanne Kalorkoti
Woodwind - senior (D18): Hollie Tibbotts (The Unwin Cup)
Wind/Brass Recital - under 14yrs (D25a): Isabella Mackie
Wind/Brass Recital - under 17yrs (D25b): Jake Willshire

25th November (Speech and Drama)
Verse Speaking - under 8yrs (S1): Thivina Mayuran (Festival Medal)
Verse Speaking - 8yrs (S2): Amelia Theodorou and Stanley Gwanoya (Festival Medals)
Verse Speaking - 9yrs (S3): Charlotte Underwood (The Othon Polak Cup)
Verse Speaking - 10-11yrs (S4): Sophie Laithwaite (Festival Medal)
Verse Speaking - 12-13yrs (S5): Mathilde Nusbacher
Verse Speaking - over 18yrs (S8): Ireen Best
Humorous Verse Speaking - 12-13yrs (S11a): Darcy Watson (The Bradly Cup)
Prose Reading - 10-12yrs (S12): Isla Bethune( The Boroughs Cup)
Bible Reading - 11-12yrs (S23): Luca Benning
Solo Acting - 7-9yrs (S16a): Biba Hadwin
Solo Acting - 12-14yrs (S17a): Peter Robinson
Solo Acting - over 18yrs (S18): Kristian Vanpe
Public Speaking - 12-14yrs (S31b): Ann Robinson
Public Speaking - 19yrs and over (S32b): Ireen Best
Group Drama - 6-9yrs (S29a): St Andrew’s - Cinderella (The Mansfield Speech and Drama Cup)
Group Drama - 9-14yrs (S29b): Stagecoach Liphook

27th November (Piano)
Piano - advanced (C16): Christian Leslie (The Croft Shield)
Piano Recital - under 14yrs (C30a): Chung Sze Kwok (The Buzzard Cup)
Piano - senior (C17): Emma Brown (The Olive Croft Memorial Trophy)
Piano - Challenge - under 20yrs (C28): Helena Michels (The Fedder Cup) - Outstanding
Sonata - open (C32): Laura Roberts (The Mongor Cup)